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Imagine Having The Knowledge, Confidence And Skill To:

Experience true wealth and security in any economy?

Create Assets that compound and make you richer, every single year... on autopilot?

Identify and eliminate your biggest fears and limiting beliefs regarding to money?

Learn a proven step-by-step system to manage money, eliminate debt and build a legacy?

Avoid the biggest pitfalls and mistakes most make when it comes to investing?

Everyday... A Select Few Have Learned How To Dominate And Master The Wealth Building Game Thanks To This Proven System...

It's true - now more than ever.
The ability to create wealth and security - is in high demand. There's a growing desire for financial freedom, recognition, and the seductive competition of success and status... and the pride of recognition in the power of our legacy.

But here's a critical reminder:
Most people who want “financial freedom” never transition out of the “learning phase”. It's a tall challenge to BECOME a wealthy person.

It's Because Of This Gap...

Between simply desiring “financial freedom” and earning a passive income living with ACTUAL freedom… that True Wealth Formula was born – from necessity.


For aspiring investors who understand that “learning about investing” is no longer enough. Especially when your objective is to control your financial future.


For “middle of the road” and “savvy veteran” business people. Those who love to geek out over proven strategies designed by many of the most successful wealth creators to ever play in the big leagues.

Now – for the main event:

The top 6 logical reasons why signing up to this FREE offer below can help you GENERATE wealth.

the 6 day wealth building mini-class

Day 1 - build wealth from scratch

We will kick off this EXCITING mini-class on DAY ONE by showing you the high-level strategy that you’ll use to be able to gain control over your money. It will be exciting as you see how this method will work for YOUR SPECIFIC financial situation! This day is the only "lecture" day, everything else is workshops actually IMPLEMENTING what you learn each day!

Day 2 - Creating your "Execution Checklist"

After learning the foundation you need to start building wealth, right? Discover the real reason world-class investors are seen as geniuses and can command outrageous returns… and how to apply what they do to your life just by understanding the True Wealth Formula Implementation Program! (You'll be seen as a "wealth magnet").

NOTE: On this day you will have access to the NEW Implementation Course Path (for FREE) that will help you to build your "Execution Checklist" fast!

Day 3 - Millionaire Mindset

How to "program" (like a computer) your brain to give you an almost unlimited ability to create wealth at will. (This is how I'm able to create wealth and cash flow from multiple investments almost without strain. In fact, when you do this, your problem won't be picking up new investments… it will be trying to count them all).

You will be receiving 7 AMAZING worksheets + a BONUS video training (FOR FREE) that will develop your Millionaire Mindset quickly.

Day 4 - Retirement and financial independence (redefined)

Finally revealed: The absolute worst way on the planet to build a relationship with money that newbie investors waste their time on. (This place is even worse than the advice that financial "gurus" tell you, and is like playing the wealth game on hard mode. I'll show you how to calculate your "Freedom Number" —without any guesswork— not only play the wealth game on easy mode, but the returns of your investments will be much better, too).

Day 5 - The money quadrant (foundation)

A ridiculously simple way to get every secret …every strategy… and every tactic I used to simplify and redefine the concept of the balance sheet. (It truly astonishes me how few people do this — as this is probably the fastest and simplest method to understand financial assets and investments I’ve ever used and can potentially help even inexperienced investors start building cash flow assets).

Day 6 - Wealth dashboard (systems)

A completely forgotten wealth secret to (legally) "hack" into your balance sheet that can help create off-the-wall returns in your cashflow assets! (The most brilliant investors accidentally stumbled on this — and I have found it to be so effective, it can work even if it is your first investment. In fact, in my experience, this one thing alone can make you way more financially free than any other investment "trick", tactic, or technique you'll learn anywhere else, for any price).

What Others Say About True Wealth Formula

Cynthia Sauer

"Thank you Hans Johnson for pouring life into my life. I am listening to your program and you have such a heart to help people. I continue to learn so much from you. You inspire me."

David Manley

"For 26 years I have invested in mutual funds and for 25 years I had rental property but had a lot of debt. I have been blessed by TWF in such a way of learning how to invest and gaining new insights to learn new ways. I'm thankful to be on a new trajectory!"

Todd Bontrager

"True Wealth Formula has helped our family have a real vision for our money and our legacy. It has simplified our understanding of growing wealth and given us not only hope but a clear path to reach our financial goals. TWF showed us what to do after we got out of debt and helped us attach actions to our dreams. It has helped us tremendously in understanding the difference between a speculation and a real investment and how to manage the risk of both. We see the world of money completely differently now!"

Sarah HalL

"Great changes started to happen after the TWF classes. I have started to become master of our money and not a slave. It really is a total reprogramming of the way we think about money and what we should be doing with it. Near the end of 2017, my husband and I found ourselves in almost the same amount of consumer debt we had back in 2009. At that time though, we didn’t know what to do, so we claimed bankruptcy and never addressed the real money issues. Things really got more exciting when I implemented TWF. My accounts grew even more now that the money was on auto-pilot. We decreased our consumption and raised our income to achieve the double compounding effect with the debt elimination. TWF is an awesome system to put in place to achieve financial freedom, security, and fulfillment in life. It opened my eyes to how much I was a slave to money".

Jason Staggs

"Being a member of the Wealth Builder family has truly changed our vision from how we look at our expenses, to how we manage our growth. Prior to joining TWF, let's just say we were normal, spending here, paying bills, paying down debt, adding debt, putting some in savings and wanting freedom. In short, 1 step forward and 1 step back. By following the system, our vision has become clearer and we are moving forward to achieve our financial independence. Since our start with TWF in March of 2019, we have developed a solid plan and
reduced our debt by over $10k (without adding any additional). We've grown our wealth account by consistently adding every month (while paying additional to debt) and creating an investment strategy that is returning 18% on our seed money (Not trading!!). We continue to give a consistent monthly amount to support the needy. We achieved this by following the system, allocating our earned income to the four major areas, developing achievable goals, creating a workable plan, and communication. I now look at our household and finances as I would a business. I look at my brokerage account not as trading but as an investing/growth account. TWF has truly changed our mindset towards our financial goals. I would like to thank you and your brilliant team for taking the time and putting together an amazing program!"


The choice is 100% yours - and you hold all the power

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Here’s to BECOMING not just the millionaire you were meant to become... but to becoming and living the life of a Wealth Builder!

Hans Johnson
Author & Developer, True Wealth Formula


Frequently Asked Questions

When Does the class start?

The 6-DAY Mini-Class starts immediately with your very first email (after signing up). You'll see a link to begin the program. Every day, for 6 days, you'll receive an email for the next session. Don't worry, you'll have limited access to review the material at any time (if you need more time) provided you get started now.

I didn't receive the email - now what?

It's important to make sure you receive our emails as that's how your access to the 6-Day Mini-Class is granted. If for some reason you don't receive an email from us within minutes (after signing up), please make sure and check your SPAM, Junk or Promotions folders and whitelist emails support @ Additionally, make sure you open each email and click the link to access the content.

Is there a charge to attend the class?
Absolutely not! The 6-DAY Mini-Class is 100% Free and being offered as part of our goal to help reach and equip more people with the real truths about money, investing and living free. We do offer a full TWF Implementation Program for $299/year but its only for qualified individuals.

Is my information secure?
Yes! Security is our top priority, and we developed this program to help you master the money game. We do not rent or sell your data to anyone, ever!
What can I expect from attending the 6 Day Mini-Class?
You can expect a fully immersive experience, and FREE introduction to our full TWF Implementation Program. You'll get access to videos and PDF worksheets to help you learn the core fundamentals of the system.
Can I stop at anytime?
Yes! You can unsubscribe or stop the mini-class at anytime, just send us an email or open a live Support Chat. Of course, we want you to become one of our valued subscribers, but you are in full control.