Hans Johnson

Psychology Of A Wealth Builder

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What type of person does it take to become a wealth builder? Here's a non exhaustive list and some considerations.

Do you have any of these qualities - naturally or learned?

If so you may have what it takes to go against the grain and pressure of modern society and experience the thrill of self reliance and financial freedom.

  • Focus and attention to detail
  • Frugal cost cutting
  • Habit of saying "no" more than saying "yes"
  • Being willing to put off short term gratification and fulfillment for long term goals
  • Production focused rather than consumer focused
  • Getting self esteem and fulfillment through production (being productive, achieving something important) and relationships instead of consumption and showing off (big house, expensive car, latest fads, etc)
  • Habit of going against the herd and being willing to take criticism and rejection
  • Willing to make sacrifices and live below means
  • Willing to self educate, value of resiliency, determination, drive, focus, tenacity, mental toughness and an independent thinker… yet gentle and considerate of others and those who are weaker
  • Having good self awareness and moral code that requires honoring the Creator and his creation

As I mentioned this isn't a complete list (I'll circle back to update this article later) but it should be enough to stimulate your curiosity a bit. Some of these qualities are natural to some people, while others of us have to learn them over a period of time, through trial and error and/or mistakes made. If you find you're not able to check many off, don't be discouraged. Take the opportunity to make a decision to develop some of these qualities over the next 5 years and you'll never look back I promise!