Hans Johnson

Defining True Wealth

defining true wealth.jpeg

Most of us, especially in America, spend a majority of our lives in pursuit of success. We're told and shown constantly through the media and our social networks what success is supposed to look like - ie; driving a nice car, living in a big house, looking and acting cool, being part of an exclusive club, showing and proving to the world (and to ourselves) that we've arrived.

So what is wealth? Before we spend our lives going down a path towards a specific goal we better know what that path looks like and where it leads.

Few people set goals. Even fewer take the time to define them.

We're going to take a moment and define what we want because while I may use the words "wealth", "success", "freedom" and "security", the truth is those words might mean something very different to me than they do to you.

Here's the key. No one can define it for you. You have to define it for yourself and once you do, you'll be able to chart out a course to get you there.

So how do YOU define success, wealth, freedom and security?

This gets into a critical task of honestly examining our core values and taking personal responsibility for our beliefs instead of reverting to default programs that have been defined, marketed and promoted to us by the world.

What if you could attain your financial goals and create "true wealth" a lot easier and a lot faster than you've been taught and programmed to believe?

I believe you can and the TWF wealth building framework will help you create your own roadmap to freedom. Watch the course introductory video below for more.

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