Hans Johnson

How To Survive The Election... No Matter What Happens

how to survive the election.jpeg

My thoughts on the US election and how to survive it no matter what happens:

  1. The swamp must be drained. It doesn't matter whether its Democrats or Republicans, corruption is wrong and it's what destroy's a nation. This has been the case throughout history, we are not immune to repeating the past failures and pitfalls of those that have gone before us.
  2. Whoever wins they must be held in check by the people. If Clinton wins and she's committed crimes or betrayed trust she must be held accountable. If Trump wins he must also be held accountable for any transgressions of trust or corruption. Justice must be blind, it cannot be biased to our personal preferences or sold to the highest bidder.
  3. Thank God for Wikileaks, whistle blowers and other decentralized non MSM news sources, without whom we'd have absolutely zero transparency within our government. Transparency is a requirement of freedom. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. When things are hidden in darkness there is bondage. There is no true wealth without freedom.
  4. The "2 party system" is not Democrats vs Republicans. Its Globalists vs Nationalists. Nationalist does not mean isolationist or thinking you are better than everyone else. It means putting your own country and its citizens first and foremost to protect what you have, so you can share with others from a position of strength not weakness. Both Republicans and Democrats have failed the people miserably and have shown themselves to be 2 sides of the same Globalist coin.
  5. No matter what happens in the election, a growing number of people are waking up to the truth that a very small group of elite have been directing and guiding our nation down a path that is not in our best national interests. Unfortunately, with very few exceptions, this is standard operating procedure throughout history by the powers that be, to deny it is either ignorance or self delusion.
  6. Study marketing, psychology and history - elites figured out a long time ago how to control people and prevent uprisings by giving them (an illusion of) choice. We believe we have a choice, we validate the "Democratic" process by voting, we lose or win and we have someone to blame for our miseries. The process repeats again in 4 years and the jig continues.
  7. No matter what happens, we MUST take responsibility for our own personal lives, providing for our family, pursuing our own financial freedom and security and most importantly our spiritual strength.
  8. Our country was not founded as a Democracy, it is a Republic (the word democracy is NOT in the US Constitution, NOT in the Declaration of Independence, NOT in the Bill of Rights). The key difference between a Democracy and Republic is that in a Democracy the majority imposes their will by force on the minority. In a Republic, the minority are protected from the mob rule mentality of the majority.
  9. I don't think its right to use force (by passing laws) to impose my will or beliefs on another person who has been created in the image of God and given their own free will by the Creator - no matter how much I think my way or value system is better. I also don't want someone else using force to impose their will or moral code on me and my family either.
  10. The Federal government should be reduced drastically. Power should be returned to the States where there is potential for more accountability. Its primary role should be to promote and protect individual freedom, property rights, voluntary contracts, non aggressive principles, etc not to legislate individual's lives from cradle to grave. So long as your personal freedom is not used to encroach on another person or their property you should be free to do as you will as you and you alone are ultimately accountable for your actions to the Creator.
  11. States should operate more or less as 50 different countries. If one State wants to allow or impose laws that are against one's personal values or convictions then so be it. The people have 49 other choices to choose from and some areas no doubt are going to be conservative while other areas more liberal. I suspect after this election there could be an increase in various State succession movements due to government overreach. For every action there is a reaction. Things do not happen in a vacuum.
  12. No matter who wins, there's likely going to be a period of unrest and/or uncertainty. If Clinton wins its possible a significant part of the country is going to refuse her authority as President given her clear violation of numerous laws - laws that if you or I broke we'd be convicted without a second thought. If Trump wins, there's likely going to be a lot of fear, civil unrest and the stock market is going to go into correction mode while the world tries to digest what a Trump presidency would look like.
  13. As stated above, I think its clear the stock market is going to go into a schizophrenic correction and/or collapse mode if Trump wins. Its overdue for a correction and has been propped up by cheap money (QE, ZIRP, NIRP, etc) for years. Its a good time to watch your stops and have a shopping list of quality dividend paying stocks and/or trophy assets ready when the dust clears. Real Estate should be less volatile I would think but anything is possible as we are historically in uncharted territory right now due to how technology is decentralizing and destabilizing traditional power structures. Precious metals will likely go into rally mode on a Trump win due to fear and uncertainty.
  14. If Clinton wins the markets should rally big time in the short term. The markets hate uncertainty and the powers that be want to maintain status quo at all costs. But the uncertainty could return shortly due to the fact that Clinton will likely be indefinitely mired in scandals and investigations.
  15. Despite the fact we all want the suspense, chaos and anxiety of the election to be over tonight, it won't be. This is going to continue on for quite some time. The country is at a major tipping point right now. We've been on the downward slope for some time but we're literally peering off the edge into the abyss right now.
  16. At the risk of looking like a fool, anything mentioned here as a "prediction" should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt. You and I are responsible for our own actions and predictions are usually stupid and wrong. I only mention them to share with you some of my personal thoughts and questions as I ponder where we're at as a society today.
  17. No matter who wins or what happens, we cannot put our trust or hope into any single person. Our ultimate trust and peace must be in the living God, the Creator of heaven and earth who is forever faithful and supplier of our needs. Anything else we put our trust and security in will fail.
  18. No matter what happens, commit yourself to these 5 things:
    1. Self education and learning high leverage skill sets like sales and marketing, product development, entrepreneurship, project management and financial skills. If you're struggling financially then recommit to learning from someone who can teach you the skills needed to survive and thrive in the new economy.
    2. Restructuring of your balance sheet with a prejudice towards cash flow assets and minimization of all bad debt.
    3. Honoring others starting with those closest to you, investing in the relationships that bring true wealth, meaning and fulfillment to our lives. "Do not be deceived, God cannot be mocked, a man sows what he reaps". Sowing into relationships is the best investment we can make in this life. For some this comes easy, for others (like myself) its not a strong point and something we have to learn.
    4. Honoring our temple (body) and getting into good physical fitness and health.
    5. Discovery of your true heart and true identity through a personal relationship with the Creator.
  19. Set some goals right now, journal what needs to change in your life, what you need to do to strengthen yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and to become a self reliant but God fearing person who walks in His freedom and love. What one thing do you need to do every single day to move towards your goal? Identify it now, put it in your schedule and commit to showing up no matter how you feel.
  20. Refuse to live in fear. Know that perfect (mature and complete) Love casts out ALL fear. Press into the Father for peace, wisdom, strength and direction (if we draw near to him, He will draw near to us). Spending time in His presence is what transforms our hearts from the inside out. He can do more in a single "kairos" second than we can in an entire lifetime trying to "fix" ourselves. He is the answer. He is the true source of our strength, freedom and security.

Long live the Republic...
Forever alive in the Kingdom...
Tomorrow is a new day and the world should continue spinning :-)