Hans Johnson

Man vs Woman

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In a recent True Wealth Formula Implementation Class, one of our clients brought up a scenario where we got into discussing the differences between how men and women approach finances and investing.

The question had to do with paying off home mortgage debt vs using the home equity to finance acquisition of a new rental property. The couple have done very well financially, are living below their means and have existing investment properties.

So what's the right answer? Should they own their home "debt free" or should they continue to build their balance sheet with cash flow assets?

The answer is... it depends on the situation (there's isn't a wrong answer in their specific scenario).

What was more interesting is the questions that followed regarding "the tendency of wives to be more cautious and conservative and adverse to risk".

Here’s a little red pill for those who have the curiosity to appreciate it.

  • Women are wired (and designed) to seek out security, stability, protection and strength and
  • Men are wired (or designed) to seek out risk, adventure, variety and beauty
This is just a fact of human nature and the default program of our inner “monkey brain” from thousands of years of genetic evolution and survival. There's many more differences than above but you get the point.

And by the way, these underlying forces of nature in a man and a woman supersede any other individual specific personality traits (ie; sapphire, pearl, emerald, ruby, etc).

Also, this doesn’t mean that both don’t have a need and a deep appreciation for (or attraction to) the other's natural values and qualities. This is why over 90% of motorcycle owners are guys, but a girl will enjoy the thrill of a motorcycle ride with her guy, as long as she feels safe.

So the above general qualities of human nature are true in most cases when...
  • a man is living in the fullness (strength and freedom) of his God given masculinity (vs living in fear, out of wounds and as a victim) and
  • a woman is living in the fullness (beauty and freedom) of her God given femininity (vs living in fear, out of wounds and as a victim)
Both men AND women were uniquely designed and created in THE IMAGE OF our Creator.

We represent His image - especially when we are living and walking in the RESTORED fullness and freedom of HIS IDENTITY IN US (as a beloved son or daughter of our TRUE Father) vs a false identity and narrative of ourselves.

This was the central mission and work of Christ by the way, something religion (man’s need for control) has deeply corrupted (queue up your opportunity to take 2nd red pill now).

Interestingly, studies show women often do better as investors than men do (on average) because of the fact they’re more risk adverse (generally) and therefore are less inclined to speculate on risky volatile investments.

This makes perfect sense when viewed in light of the above and highlights the importance of wisdom (our need to seek the Creator first and foremost in all things) being applied to a man’s “risk taking” nature.

The answer is not to curse these natural qualities in ourselves or in others (dishonoring the Creator and His creation) but to seek and trust our Father’s direction, correction and blessing in who we are and what we do!

"But seek FIRST the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and ALL these things will be added to you.” Matt 6:33