Hans Johnson

Embracing Your Struggle

embracing your struggle.jpeg

If you’re struggling financially or in a relationship and find yourself feeling overwhelmed, consider the following thoughts.

I was recently meditating and praying about a similar thing and answer I got was pretty interesting.

“The struggle (the stress, discipline, resistance) adds value and meaning to our life. Without it there is no fulfillment in the reward, we squander or don’t appreciate the blessing.”

It's how the Creator trains, molds and shapes his identity and character into us as his warrior sons (in spirit and in flesh).

I would never want to experience the pain I’ve experienced again, but without it I wouldn’t be who I am today.

In a weird way, the struggle IS the blessing.

It’s how we are trained to THANK HIM and TRUST the Creator as our PROVIDER in ALL our circumstances.

He always provides what we need, not necessarily what we want (so we learn to pray, seek, ask, trust his will over ours - surrender his gift of “free will” back to him knowing and trusting he knows what’s best for us).

A financial example is ppl who win the lottery, statistically most become miserable and blow it all within years. Why? No character or training how to manage and steward the resource.

This is also why the recent idea being talked about of a “universal income” will be a disaster. Man derives self value from work (he was created first to work), not to be fed like an animal and taken care of by someone else.

We hate the struggle of this life and we think it’s the source of our misery. But without it we are miserable and literally incapable of understanding the blessing.