Hans Johnson

The Secret To Making Better Money Decisions

the secret to making better money decisions.jpeg

"The worst part is the reliance on others to tell you what to do with your own money because you don't know yourself."

This is a chilling statement.

Maybe you've worked hard your entire life, avoided debt and other bad decisions, and have somehow managed to save some investment capital. Or maybe you received some money via inheritance.

"What should I do with my money?"

This is a common question. The burden of managing money can be extremely complicated, confusing and incredibly overwhelming.

We cycle somewhere between 2 extremes:
  • Just spend it! Why not, YOLO!!! (you only live once)
  • Someone help me please! This is too complicated and overwhelming. I need an expert I can trust to take care of my money for me.
Both of these paths and the reasoning behind them, while very different in appearance, stem from the same core root.

When it comes to our money, our decisions are almost entirely driven by emotion.

We can rationalize and tell ourselves that we're being smart, thinking things through, crunching the numbers or even that we have no choice in the matter because of circumstances.

But the mind just doesn't work that way.

Instead, we build a case of "facts" to substantiate an emotional need we have, after our mind has already convinced us it's the right path.

Money is the ultimate fear gauge. That's because at a sub conscious level it represents our very survival.

The system will tell you to go to school, get a good education, rack up huge amounts of debt (because "I can afford the payments"), and then save for "retirement". Just trust the experts and do what they say we are told.

But it's a broken system. With each passing decade, with every new market crash, with more and more options and opinions than ever... it's working for fewer and fewer people.

There is a better way.

Once you learn it you will never look back. You will forever be the master and commander of your ship. You will have a master strategy that works in any environment, any economy and any market. You will never again operate in fear regarding your money. You will experience a level of freedom, security and fulfillment that's truly hard to describe.