Hans Johnson

How To Master Your Money And Start Living Free

how to master your money and start living free.jpeg

You've been programmed.

Programmed to ask questions, to get the right answer. We learned it in school. We all do it. Especially when it comes to how to manage and invest our money.

The reason is complexity.

One thing I've learned over the years growing up poor on the streets in Hawaii, to becoming a multi 7 figure entrepreneur, then having to learn the hard way how to manage and invest money... simple is always better.

But in our chaotic modern world it's getting harder every day to keep it simple stupid.

So here's what you can expect if we were to ever work together.

What I will not do:
  • I will not sell you an investment product
  • I will not give you personalized investment advice
  • I will not tell you what or where to invest your hard earned money
You can find an endless amount of opinions regarding the above from those who's business models ultimately rely on commissions and fees from selling you a financial product or managing your money for you.

What I will do:
  • I will tell you what I've personally done, what works and what doesn't, and what I currently do to manage risk and compound money
  • I will give you my personal wealth building system; the rules, systems and processes as well as the WHY behind what to do
  • I will show you how to model the "smart money", the most successful entrepreneurs, investors and traders, and why they do the exact opposite of the masses
  • I will simplify and streamline the complexity and bs of the financial industry and I will equip you with your very own system that puts you in the diver's seat as the owner and master and no longer the slave.
  • The system works regardless of your current income level, assets you have or the current economy or market conditions.
In summary, I have zero interest in giving someone a fish. I've been down that road and while it feels good to get our answer, it does not set us free.

Most just want the fish. Few want to learn how to fish.

If you're the second type of person, then this might be for you.