Hans Johnson

How To Know Exactly When You've Reached Financial Independence

how to know exactly when you_ve reached financial independence.jpeg

I was on call just the other day with one of our subscribers and the very first thing she told me when we got on the phone was the following...

"Hey Hans... guess what? We hit our number! We are financially independent now!"

Imagine this feeling, it was a little surreal.

The crazy thing is, less than 2 short years ago they didn't have a specific plan or the confidence to do what they've done. And they didn't have a specific strategy to get there.

Even more importantly, they had no idea exactly what that magic number was.

If you listen to the media, if you listen to modern financial advice, it will sell you down a road to slavery not freedom.

It will suck you into a black hole of consumption, debt and anxiety with a long list of "I have to because..." The complexity and need for status will entangle you and it will rob you of your soul.

One of the very first things we do with our subscribers is help you identify EXACTLY what that magic number is.

It's a very specific number, down to the penny. It includes your core living expenses or your "nut" as we like to call it.

It's not hard to calculate. And you don't need some smart financial person to help you figure it out. It's specific to you and your life. It's your number, and you need to own it.

Once you know that number, it gives you incredible clarity, focus and confidence.

Then we show you a step by step strategy how to achieve it, how to build a base of the right kind of assets that are generating passive cash flow to cover that core nut. This base of assets grows and compounds each year.

We show you how to know the EXACT month and year you will hit your number.

We give you the EXACT formula to reach it, even if you never increase your current earned income (the money you work for). But when you follow this system you'll likely do that too.

Freedom, Security and Fulfillment are the goals of the Wealth Builder, not more stuff and status. Once you know the path and have this master strategy, no one can ever take it from you.

And the crazy part is... you're probably already closer than you think.