Hans Johnson

Mind hacking secrets to reduce stress, improve communication and master money

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A recent study revealed that money was the #1 source of stress for 56% of Americans. It's historically also a primary reason cited for divorce among couples.

We think the answer to our money problems is always to have more, but that's not really the answer.

We have more global prosperity right now in both absolute and relative terms than at any time in history, and yet people on both rich and poor spectrums are less happy and more miserable than ever.

If we're serious about reducing both our stress and solving our money problems, we need a radical new approach.

I learned a long time ago the power of definitions and how to use them to mind hack the programs imbedded deep within our brain and heart. These programs are subtle because they've been with us our whole life, but they affect our emotions, our decisions and the trajectory of our entire lives. It's the reason why people wake up one day looking at their life wondering how they got there.

We have an entire reprogramming module on developing a Millionaire Mind that deals with this issue because it is the very bedrock of not just your wealth creation but also your happiness.

So let's define what we mean by wealth because it's so much more than just money.

Wealth is not:
  • Consumption
  • Consumption
  • Bling
  • Living a rich and famous high flying glamorous lifestyle
  • Acting like a douchebag
  • Chasing the gods of more, more, more!
That's just a very small list, there is much more we could add but that's enough for now.

So what is wealth then or more importantly what is "true wealth"? This isn't the full list, but here's a few ways I define true wealth.
  • Freedom
  • Security
  • Fulfillment
  • Confidence
  • Relationships
  • Health
This list could go on and on but the point is that we shouldn't let someone else define something important for us.

We should always put thought into the words (programs) we read, see and hear by asking, "what does that mean exactly?", "what does this person mean by this word or phrase?" and most importantly, "what does this word or phrase mean to me?".

This simple technique will not only solve a LOT of communication problems (from social media to our closest relationships), but it will help us frame a more proper vision, strategy and purpose for our money.

Managing money doesn't have to be so complicated. And it doesn't have to be stressful. It doesn't have to be a point of pain your life. It can be a great pleasure, blessing and path to freedom.

We just have to know what we're working towards, why we're doing it, and have a simple clear strategy how to get there.

One of my biggest passions is helping others master their money. When you're ready, I'd love to show you a proven path to freedom.