Hans Johnson

How To Make Money Your Slave... Forever

how to make money your slave.jpeg

This is not one of those posts you want to quickly gloss over. If you're tired of not getting where you want financially, if you're a thinker and a searcher of truth, this is for you.

As a Wealth Builder, I want you to understand this fact: Getting rich or becoming wealthy is not about getting lucky, knowing the right people, working hard, having the best education or finding the right opportunity.

I know what I just said sounds crazy but hear me out.

Getting rich, breaking free from financial bondage forever and more importantly becoming truly wealthy is about understanding... and then permanently repositioning the relationship between you and your money.

It all starts with knowing who the master is. And this is a fact you absolutely must know if you’re going to build true wealth.

Either money will be your slave or you will be its slave... period. There is no in between.

If you’re tired of working for money and want to get your money working for you then there’s something you must know.

There is a law about money that you have to know and understand if you want to make it your slave forever.

Here it is: Money is always looking for a place to go.

Either you will tell money what its purpose and reason for existence is or it will tell you.

I know you’re thinking money doesn’t talk and you’re right but that doesn’t mean it’s not influencing you.

If you want to understand the master/slave relationship there is one thing you need to know and that is the power of naming.

The way this applies to our money is that if we want to create wealth and truly become the master in the relationship we need to start by assigning a purpose to our money.

We must be the ones to tell it what its purpose and reason for existence is and we do that by creating separate buckets or bank accounts, each with a unique purpose, priority and function.

We then use a rules based system of percentages to manage exactly where our money goes, what it’s purpose is, what its reason for existence is.

This is the start of becoming the master over our money. It’s counter intuitive, but it flat out works.