Hans Johnson

How To Dominate In Life With Concepts, Strategy & Tactics

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One thing we all struggle with today is critical thinking skills.

We've become a society of emotional lightweights with access to more and more information and "facts" than ever, yet we are more confused, neurotic and lacking wisdom.

One thing I learned a long time ago and have tried to apply to every area of my life; business, family, marriage, parenting, money, investing... is to look for patterns of truths and context.

The way we do this in True Wealth Formula is actually pretty simple but it is incredibly powerful.

If you grasp the following 3 keys it will transform your entire life.
  1. Concepts
  2. Strategy
  3. Tactics

Concepts, values or principles should be the starting point, always. This is how we organize our thinking, it's related to our belief systems, how we view and relate to ourselves, others around us, the world and our Creator.

Concepts are the why. If we don't understand the power of concepts, operating principles or universal truths (like human nature), or worse if we're not even aware of them, then we will ALWAYS be a victim of dependency on others to interpret things for us. About 99% of the population goes through life this way.

Second is Strategy. If we have the wrong strategy we might be smart and have all the right answers or facts but we will end up losing the war every time.

Strategy is the what. As a Wealth Builder, an example of strategy is emphasizing cash flow assets over speculations, using non discretionary rules based systems to manage money, having an exit strategy and applying sound risk management.

Now here's the important part.

Tactics are what everyone thinks wins the war, its what everyone focuses on, its what's going on whenever you have a specific question and you ask an "expert" or seek their opinion, you're likely focusing on a tactic.

On the financial side these could be questions like; is now a good time to invest in the stock market or real estate? The USD is eventually going to go to zero, how much Gold should I have? Is a ROTH or traditional IRA better? Should I rent or buy a home?

The issue is, if you're missing the underlying Concepts and Strategy, all the Tactics in the world will not consistently get you where you want to go.

Tactics are the how (more specifically the answer to a specific question) and they are what everyone tends to focus on, believing if they just know the answer to all their questions it will be enough.

But here's they key.

When it comes to long term success, especially with your money and investing, you are in a war... and wars and battles are never won by tactics alone.

Wars are won by superior strategy AND tactics, but the tactics have to be able to adapt to an ever changing environment and landscape (context) and that cannot happen without a master framework of Concepts (or operating principles) and Strategy.

This is what True Wealth Formula is. It's a master wealth building framework of Concepts, Strategy and Tactics, and once you learn it, you become empowered to start winning the war.

You stop living in fear and confusion. You gain clarity and power to consistently and methodically dominate your world, master money, live free and start building a legacy for you and your family.