Hans Johnson

Who and what is programming you?


Who and what is programming you? To what end and to who’s benefit?

Language is a PROGRAM.

Words are LABELS.

Behind each label is a program.

Change the DEFINITION of the label and you imbed new programs with or w/o the mind knowing it (when done covertly).

The MIND will think THOUGHTS, feel FEELINGS... based on the program behind the label.

And it will COMPEL the BODY to do things (good or bad) based on that thought/feeling feedback loop.

The STRONGER the feelings/thoughts the more the mind must FORCE the body to act.

The CONSCIOUS mind mostly isn’t aware what underlying default program the SUB CONSCIOUS mind (operating system) is running.

This is how we are programmed.

The elites know how to WEAPONIZE this through media, culture, propaganda, conformity, fear and our most PRIMAL instincts.

Example: “America” or the “Flag”

These labels used to TRIGGER a thought/feeling FEEDBACK LOOP of gratitude, thankfulness, patriotism, pride, opportunity.

Now the same LABELS are used to trigger oppression, fear, racism.

This is largely but not entirely a GENERATIONAL dynamic.

HOW to REPROGRAM & HACK your mental software?

1) Become acutely AWARE of your language, thoughts, feelings but most importantly HOW you DEFINE, PERCEIVE and INTERPRET specific WORDS

2) Ask (seek knock) the CREATOR to REWRITE your definitions and perception of REALITY

This takes;

1) HUMILITY and surrender, knowing we only know/see/hear a FRACTION of “truth” in moments of the time/space continuum.

2) TRUST and belief that there is a Creator and higher power/presence/intelligence/law/truth who is both in and is ALL space and time at ALL times.

Thus my daily prayer/confession:

“FATHER I know nothing, you know everything. Help me to see what you see, hear what you hear, know what you know, feel what you feel. Transform my mind, heart, soul. Mold, shape, conform me into your image.”

This was taught by my true Father.