Hans Johnson

3 Types Of People In The World


There are 3 types of people in this world:
  1. Not willing to sacrifice immediate pleasure for long term freedom & security.
  2. Willing to sacrifice immediate pleasure for long term freedom & security.
  3. Never gives up on # 2 even when the system cheats & abuses him. Becomes godlike.
In Genesis, Cain was an example and warning of person #1. Able an example of #2.

The world spins along a spectrum of 1-2 with many landing along #1 (due to human nature, thus the warning).

Abraham, Moses, David, and Jesus were examples of #3 and of what’s possible.

The global pendulum swings heavy now towards #1

Where the masses are not only NOT willing to sacrifice to build their future, they expect someone else to pay the price for their pleasure addictions.

This is the “spirit” of Cain, if you would use that analogy.

Government and economic structures should support #2 and have systems in place to discourage #1... otherwise all hell breaks loose.

This is what a decentralized capitalist Republic does best. Maximize opportunity and upward mobility backed by transparent and impartial judicial system.

We are far from that now. And momentum is increasing globally towards #1, with more and more abusers at the top (crony elites) and mobs of users at the bottom.

But there is always a remnant.

Lovers of Truth who value responsibility, freedom, justice and equality of opportunity.

The question is, what is the best path to get to the “promised land”?

History makes it very clear. The specifics change but the landscape and patterns of human nature remain eternally constant.

There is nothing new under the sun.

When you use debt to leverage your future freedom & security for immediate pleasure, you pay 3x more on average while delaying financial freedom by decades.

This is why TWF (True Wealth Formula) smokes modern financial planning, theory, advice.

All are based on hyper consume/debt/speculate model.

If you paid yourself to be free, what you pay banks to be a slave.

For just 5 years, you’d wonder how the hell you ever fell for their trick.

And then you’d remember the truth.

Human nature is all it takes.

So how will you fight that battle for freedom when your own mind, IS THE ENEMY?

Will you just give in?

After all it’s a pretty damn good life living in this modern “Egypt”.

Or will you commit and pay the price to learning how to be the master?