"For 26 years I have invested in mutual funds and for 25 years I had rental property but had a lot of debt.  I have been blessed by FSTS  and TWF in such a way of learning how to invest and gaining new insights to learn new ways.  I'm thankful to be on a new trajectory of investing. " ~David Manley 

"Had my first stop loss activate yesterday on my 1K portfolio. It was very comforting that even when traveling and out of digital contact I am still covered. Thanks, Hans Johnson for being bold and sharing your learning and passion for success with others here at TWF and at Creating a Dynasty. I appreciate how you have shared to stay focused on the numbers and do not get emotional. I remember when before on my own, this small loss would and did make me give up on investing and even trying. Now I get to look at a new opportunity." ~Walter D Mertz 

"Thank you Hans Johnson for pouring life into my life. I am listening to you on my 2006 Creating a Dynasty CD. You have such a heart to help people. I continue to learn so much from you. You inspire me." ~Cynthia Sauer 

"True Wealth Formula has helped our family have a real vision for our money and our legacy. It has simplified our understanding of growing wealth and given us not only hope but a clear path to reach our financial goals. TWF showed us what to do after we got out of debt and helped us attach actions to our dreams. It has helped us tremendously in understanding the difference between a speculation and a real investment and how to manage the risk of both. We see the world of money completely differently now!" ~Todd Bontrager 

"Great changes started to happen after the TWF classes.  I have started to become master of our money and not a slave.  It really is a total reprogramming of the way we think about money and what we should be doing with it. Near the end of 2017, my husband and I found ourselves in almost the same amount of consumer debt we had back in 2009.  At that time though, we didn’t know what to do, so we claimed bankruptcy and never addressed the real money issues. Things really got more exciting when I implemented TWF.  My accounts grew even more now that the money was on auto-pilot.  We decreased our consumption and raised our income to achieve the double compounding effect with the debt elimination. TWF is an awesome system to put in place to achieve financial freedom, security, and fulfillment in life.  It opened my eyes to how much I was a slave to money. " ~Sarah Hall 

"Being a member of the Wealth Builder family has truly changed our vision from how we look at our expenses, to how we manage our growth. Prior to joining TWF, let's just say we were normal, spending here, paying bills, paying down debt, adding debt, putting some in savings and wanting freedom. In short, 1 step forward and 1 step back. By following the system, our vision has become clearer and we are moving forward to achieve our financial independence. Since our start with TWF in March of 2019, we have developed a solid plan and
reduced our debt by over $10k (without adding any additional).  We've grown our wealth account by consistently adding every month (while paying additional to debt) and creating an investment strategy that is returning 18% on our seed money  (Not trading!!). We continue to give a consistent monthly amount to support the needy. Before TWF it fluctuated do to our lack of focus and direction. We achieved this by following the system, allocating our earned income to the four major areas, developing achievable goals,  creating a workable plan, and communication.  I now look at our household and finances as I would a business. I look at my brokerage account not as trading but as an investing/growth account. TWF has truly changed our mindset towards our financial goals. I would like to thank you and your brilliant team for taking the time and putting together an amazing program!" ~Jason Staggs  

"Your teachings have given me hope that I can learn how to replace my income & build true wealth for myself & my family, Instead of just totally relying on a j.o.b (just over broke). I see so many clients in my job, who are flat broke & I refuse to go that way. I love the wealth calculators. I listen to your lessons as I drive to clients & have taken notes & will be applying it to fully replace my income & learn how to stack wealth & then protect it. Thank you so very much, (from the Aussie who refuses to be just like the status quo)." ~Simone 

"My favorite thing about TWF is the app on my phone. I am a designer so I am not the best with financial spreadsheets. Putting a number in expenses/mortgage payments to see where you stand on actual debt and payments is great.  The calculator makes you realize how much you really are spending on interest and that motivates me to work at paying down my mortgage.  Love it! Also, I loved the financial talks by Hans at the Dani Johnson seminars. I was a saver but then got out of the habit as my career changed but I am now working on getting back on track and want financial freedom. I like the  10% saving, 10% for charity. It has made me focus more on paying down my debt and giving back. Thanks, Hans!" ~Jaima Emmert 

"Wealth Builder has given my family so much. My eyes are now open to what is possible on a single income for our family of 7. I had lost hope about ever becoming financially independent, but now I am excited and looking forward to that day. We, as a family, have paid off more than 100k on our mortgage with another 70k to go. With TWF, I now understand why our family was struggling and that was because all of our money was either spent or tied up in dumb ass assets!  Every dollar we earn is taken care of so much better than ever before and I look forward to the time when we begin investing and passive income. TWF has given us the rules and words to help to educate our children where before all I knew was save money, spend money and then save it again. What a ridiculous roller coaster we were in, but no more. I love NOT spending money and want to increase our family's wealth for not just our lifetime, but for many generations to come. 'Get your money working for you, instead of you working for it'. This phrase has not only changed our minds but saved our life. After we have completely finished paying off our mortgage, I never want to be in debt again for dumb ass assets that either cost you money, or lose money every year. Hans, you will never know how much this program has helped our family and to what extent, but I want to thank you for investing in us. We are truly grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." ~Cathy Kuhn 

"TWF has been an amazing, life-changing experience for me and my family. It made me relook at what we were focussing on regarding finance, realize how off track we were. Since TWF I have put into place the systems that deal with debt, set up a giving account, maintained a meticulous flow of funds into a wealth account, funds to maintain my living costs, and a 'fun' account to keep the family happy. This in itself has been life-changing. For the first time in my life, I have funds that I could consistently sow into the poor and needy. This system flipped the whole previous mindset I was in on its head. I'm still learning, but this change and journey have been most rewarding for me and my family. Thanks again Hans, thank you for opening our minds and making a difference!' ~Ted Norman 

"In the two months of subscribing to TWF I have implemented my ratios, and I AM telling my money where to go. For the first time in 28 years, I am debt free and I have money in all of my accounts. Right now I am ready to start my first investment. Prior to TWF I was living pay-check to pay-check, broke and in debt. This program has changed everything. It changed the way I think about money and educated me on how money and the financial laws work. I have a vision for my money and future and I am seriously a new person. Hans says 'you cannot NOT generate wealth program', even if you apply the first part of this program you will. It's not just's the renewing of my mind and the old stinky habits which kept me STUCK for years and years. Finally, I have FREEDOM!' ~Rachel Shepherd 

"The TWF message has definitely made an impact on our lives over the last couple of years! We no longer think only about what money can do for us, but how we can change the world with our money. This new paradigm in our mindsets has most assuredly changed the way we manage money, investments, and our vision for building a legacy for our family!" ~Tom Hase  

"I'm blown away by this new information, principles, and strategies to managing my money and wealth in the financial world. It's opened my eyes and has given me an appreciation for what you do and how you have helped me so much. I'm continuing to learn and invest in your education program. It's been life-changing for me and family." ~David Manley 

"Anyone that is truly serious about building generational wealth needs to get TWF right now. There are three words that describe TWF... simple, easy, and effective!" ~Mark Beechy 

"I have been blessed to learn from Hans for over 7 years. At the time I was a W2 employee and implemented one concept. When the original TWF course was implemented I was lucky enough to sign up and join a group that Hans coached via calls and gave a much deeper level of understanding by building a solid foundation. Over time via listening to the content constantly and subscribing to the TWF Implementation Program, I evolved to where I now have multiple streams of income,  a consulting business, W2 income, rental income, Hard Money Loans (backed by real estate) and a diversified portfolio of dividend-paying stocks. I am well on my way to financial freedom. Thanks, TWF." ~Brendan Moran  

"True Wealth Formula helped me understand what 'Legacy' really means, while at the same time giving me strategies to plan, create, and leave a legacy for my kids." ~Jackie O'Quinn 

"I am so very thankful to be able to be a part of this True Wealth Formula training! I am seeing breakthroughs in the last couple of years with my three oldest children. My 19-year-old son currently owns 3 rental properties from learning this mindset, and I have increased my business majorly by putting this mindset into action as well as my personal life. It is very encouraging to see my balance sheet/net worth go up every month in a positive way! My relationship with my wife and children are so much better than they were five years ago, and having my finances in order played a HUGE part! What would've taken me a lifetime to learn took me about 5 years with this training. This True wealth Formula training is unlike anything else I have ever seen!"  ~Glenn Beechy 

"Todd and I are your typical, over-educated professionals with lots of letters after our names such as 'CPA' and 'MBA'. We have through the years diligently paid into our retirement plans to create our 'retirement nest egg'. We also did the 'make more, spend more' wondering why we weren't getting ahead. TWF changed our whole way of thinking about creating wealth for our future and creating a legacy for future generations...not just retiring. After diligently examining where every penny was going, we implemented the ratios. As a result, we have paid off 40k in debt, making us consumer debt-free. We are building up a wealth account for investing outside of our existing 401k and IRA's and looking at other areas of investing to build wealth. It is a simple strategy that has transformed our financial approach and encouraged a financial discipline that we are passing on to our children creating a legacy of wealth building." ~Kelly Kennedy 

"This is my 3rd day with TWF and so far I can tell that Hans is literally the smartest person I know. His way of thinking and the wisdom he has just blows my mind. I'm on the 4th module right now, and I already have gained so much knowledge and understanding what is keeping me away from true wealth and how to increase my income. I'm so grateful for the opportunity that has been given to me to change the way my family sees the money." ~Jana Meiere 

"I was one of those people that didn't think it would work for me, I didn't think I was smart enough, and I REALLY didn't think it would work since I lived outside the USA. After taking a leap of faith and asking myself 'what if it did work for me...where could I be?', I'm happy to say that plugging into Hans' TWF system and Wealth Builder app has been a total game-changer for me! I 'thought' I was good with money because I paid off debt, however, making your money work for you and building wealth is a whole other skill that Hans teaches.  My goodness, it WORKS if you choose to APPLY IT! My mindset has totally changed. Each module I work through, I get it and understand the concepts a bit more! Hans teaches from the mistakes he has made and unlike other people teaching about wealth, he is REAL. He tells it like it is, you get ALL SIDES... the good, bad, and the ugly. Hans teaches you what others DON'T want you to know. There's no sugar coating here, just honest real truth that will put you on the path to building true wealth! I will be forever grateful because not only has my life changed, but my future generations have been changed also." ~Harriet Amekuedi  

"My husband and I only recently started implementing the True Wealth Formula system. Preciously we really had no idea where our money was going and hundreds of extra dollars were getting blown month after month, year after year on meaningless things. We had no clue where our money was going every month, and how much of it was literally just being blown. We had no real system that helped us save and keep more of our money. Using the formula, we have now opened some new checking and savings accounts and we decide every bit of our income up by percentages. We are telling our money what its purpose is and it gives us such a feeling of accomplishment! We now live on 60% of our income. This in itself is amazing because we used to barely make it on 100% of our income! We tithe 10% every month now, we pay extra on our debt (20% of our income) and we have even set up accounts that a small % gets put back with every pay for fun, emergencies, and other things we want to save for. Once our debt is paid off we will then use that 20% for investing. We have had your program for years, but it doesn't do anything unless you actually listen to it and implement it! We are finally diving in and following directions and it is awesome to see money growing in the bank and debt getting paid off faster! Thank you, Hans, for sharing your strategy for increasing your families wealth. It has been a life -save for us!!" ~Dana Winand  

"In the short time I have been with TWF is has given me hope, vision, support, and wisdom.  There is actually someone who I can trust and has our best interest at heart." ~Janet Keller  

"True Wealth Formula has given us the confidence to invest in ourselves. Yesterday we used some of our own research along with suggestions from Hans' sample portfolio to invest in retirement accounts. It was so powerful to go in knowing our strategy focuses on reducing risks. We put stops on everything and used the ND rules for position sizing. Thank you, Hans!"  ~Tiffany Ewing 

"Hans is amazing. My husband and I have listened to his journey and wisdom from the Hot Marriage Secrets event probably over 1,000 times so far! Our lives have been so blessed and changed these last few years connecting with his and Dani's teachings. Million blessings to you all!" ~ Carol Littmann 

"Hans makes it really easy to understand finances and be able to get a more practical grasp on your future." ~Sherrie Jennys  

"This has been awesome for me, my wife and family. Especially that I now know I need to transfer funds between my by percentages - it gets rid of your mind playing tricks on you. Also, I'm so overjoyed to have a giving account that keeps racking up. Thank you so much!" ~Ted Norman  

"Since Starting we have been killing our debt, building our savings and being more mindful of our money. We still need to work on our old habits but it does get easier when you receive letters from the government saying you have paid off a loan! The ratios are really helpful with keeping us on track! Some glad I'm learning these lessons now, thanks for all you guys do!" ~Patience Schreiber 

"I set a goal at Dynasty (mid last year) to give away $10000 in the next 12 months, I rapidly discovered that this was a way too low goal for our finances, I had no idea. My husband has had a 30% pay raise at work since then. The percentages make it so simple, not trying to add up specific numbers to come up with budgets, etc. It's simple! Everything about it is simple. " ~Abigail Burton 

"Budgeting in percentages was a mindset shift for me! I have always been "good" with money, good saver, etc.. but I want to be GREAT with money and have our money working harder for us!!! Now, I'm learning those skills! After being burned by the stock market in the past, now I am feeling much more confident and empowered about investing in dividend paying stocks and looking at our investments with a different lens... Our giving has also increased, and that feels great!" ~Tina Holan 

"As I continue to work through this AWESOME info, my wife and I have been STAYING the course with our Accounts. It actually took my wife seeing me going through the worksheets and listening to Hans for her to fully get on board as well! We are making better decisions as a team!" ~Jon Mayhall 

"I'm so thankful for Hans's insight and how dedicated he is to investing wisely and learning from others."  ~John Greenlaw 

"I don't know another man who has opened his mind and heart to others and been completely and utterly vulnerable, as you have. Thank you for how you humbled yourself to your Father, which resulted in you experiencing His real, tangible love - which showed you your identity. Your understanding of sonship, of the Father/ Son relationship, has painfully impacted me and massively contributed to my understanding of who I am and how much He loves and adores me. Thank you sincerely for being real; thank you for not keeping it to yourself. 2018 was the year I arrived at fully experiencing and understanding my Daughter." ~Linda  

"He shares his heart and speaks to you, not at you. Thank you, Hans." ~Michaelm Oz 

"A dynamic leader and millionaire with proven results who is willing to share his hard-won insights about success in life and building true wealth." ~Rick Handley  

"Hans Johnson's knowledge and experience are incredible, makes it easy to absorb, learn and utilize with an action plan." ~Paul Naclerio 

"Absolutely positively the most POWERFUL and INFLUENTIAL LIFE CHANGING couple on planet earth!" ~Jennifer Campbell  
 "Incredible example for all to learn in life, business, and spiritually."  ~Veronica Stellas  

 "Man of God. Teacher of Godly principles including wealth and relationships. Highly recommended."  ~April Wilkins 

"Hans' story is so inspiring and has left such an impact on my life. I can honestly say, through his story I've had much clarity and revelation in my own. He keeps things real and brings true authenticity wherever he goes. I'm grateful for his boldness of faith and willingness to speak Truth." ~Marsha Strickland  

"I just reviewed 'Biblical and Historical Truths', It was eye-opening and convicting. I've been very slow getting started but the momentum is building swiftly. Thanks for digging in on this stick in the mud. I take away important and very useful insights from each program. When I invested in True Wealth a year ago I knew in my heart there was no way I could go wrong. My wallet has been struggling (though the price was nothing compared to the return.) This is terrific!" ~David Anthony  

"I am so thankful that I'm able to be part of this group! I am seeing some breakthroughs in the last couple weeks with my three oldest children, (19,17,15) I am able to have some deep financial conversation with my children who are already putting into action the TWF thinking! It's very encouraging to see my balance sheet/net worth go up every month in a positive way! My relationships with my wife and children are so much better than what they were five years ago!" ~Beechy Siding Overhang 

"Just wanted to say a BIG Thank you to the Johnson Team for the TWF Program!! This past 7 weeks going through the material has been a roller-coaster. So many 'aha' moments of 'why was I stubborn about joining this course?' when it first came out! I've made so many mistakes over the past few years. I need to print a T-shirt 'No More Speculations!'". ~Jonathan Simcox    

"I'm on vacation this week, but that doesn't mean all bets are off. I've learned so much through this course, and continue to listen, learn, reflect and implement the detail to live a better life.  Thank you, Hans Johnson, for providing this course to us, and caring for all us, while keeping it real and holding us accountable for our own decisions and actions." ~Kristi Sullivan Coopshaw  

"Thanks, Cabe and Hans...and team. I've got the last Implementation audio to listen to and I've listened to each twice! Mindset change is the real difference for me... I've also tightened up my focus, time and energy to my priorities." ~Daniel Bernal  
 "The Monthly Coaching has been great! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience with noobs like us. I know I have so much to learn. I am also learning to manage the risk, but not be afraid of my own ignorance (hence the question/statement above) and looking foolish, as it will give me opportunities to grow and learn." ~Adrian Thewlis 

"This article is one of the best written texts I've read in a long, long time. I learned something completely new and I am very grateful for it. I will now remember that, "The house always wins." ~Seoulisticx 

"You are just awesome Hans, cannot thank you enough for how much you have poured into my life and the life of my future generations. You're such a humble man. I'm sure you don't realize how man lives you have dramatically changed through Dani Johnson and TWF. You're phenomenal - May the God of Israel be with you and your family forevermore and be protected by the shadow of his wing! Our very best blessings!" ~Michael & Lorna Titus 

"Thank you, Hans! Have done a lot of different money programs but your's is in a league of its own with the empowerment it affords people!" ~Melodie Williams 

"That full course is so good!!! Filled with foundational mindsets! Sets us up to see the world differently. Ans gives an understanding of who we are supposed to be and how we are supposed to move forward in this life!"  ~Brad Harmsworth  

"Since February we have completed the TWF Full Course, Implementation Program, MGC Calls from December 2018 to present, ND1, ND2, and ND3. We opened a TD Wealth  account and have invested the sample 10% Portfolio a week ago and I have dividends payed out already! We are very grateful to be apart of such a superb community and look forward to developing some awesome relationships here!" ~John Greenlaw   

"In the last 4 months, using "ND1" rules and a wealth-building mindset (along with the humility to take back a crap-ton of stuff to Costco), my wife and I have paid off $22,000 worth of debt! Feeling free-er by the day!!" ~Jordan Keefe  

"You know your stuff... but what matters most to me is your outstanding character. Besides, anybody who can live with "Type A++" Dani must be a real character! Not to mention she talks about you all the time and is crazy about you. I love the looks you get out of her, she never knows what to expect!" ~David Anthony 
 "Thank you so much on the motivation and desire you have inspired in me. I am like a machine when it comes to finances now."  ~Troy Dollar  

"Hey Hans, I am so appreciative of you and this community. I feel like I have a different brain; as I think differently now about True Wealth, money and legacy. Thank you for coaching us on how to think and problem solve for ourselves as Wealth Builders and not totally surrender that role and ability to someone else to do it for us. THANK YOU!" ~Folusho Tugbiyele 

"I am loving doing this as I do not have to think about it. It just happens. Finances and budgets have always confused me but this ND1 strategy is so simple and clear, I love it. Numbers always were difficult for me, but now I am loving numbers. I love listening to the full course audios. We have to keep on learning, listening, and implementing. This should be a program learned in schools. I am feeling so much better about our finances and Hans, you are such a smart man. Wow, the knowledge you have blows my mind!" ~Catherine Kuhn  

"Listened to you while driving across the country yesterday! So love the truth you share! The systems you have created! Our financial situation and capability are so much better because you won't be silent. Thank you so much for being a teacher, for sharing the messaged you were given! Xtina and I are eternally grateful!!" ~Brad Harmsworth  

"Thanks, Hans! I'm learning so many things I didn't know. Happy to know it now but wish I knew it when I was 17. It has been great sharing things I'm implementing & learning with my kids who are now young adults!"  ~Pamela Wright 

"Dude...this is insane! Thank you for showing me how to remove the emotions from mastering money."  ~Chelsea Drinkard 

"Made it through the TWF full course (I freakin LOVED it!) and TWF Implementation Program while implementing homework assignments from both programs. Applying ND1 we been accumulating wealth & paying down our debt every month now. I'm amazed & grateful for how simple this is!! Hans, thank you so much for sharing what you've learned and worked through. This truly gives me hope. I feel like I finally have a larger life vision (including legacy) and can do it. Again, thank you."  `Leona Shell  

"Thank you Hans! I Bought $1500 in dividend producing stocks during our week on the cruise ship! I set up the pricing I wanted before I left, and Just picked up an email confirmation of the purchases when we got back to Miami! I never even thought about the stock market while I was away! I love all the things I am learning here!" ~Kristi Sullivan Coopshaw  

"Just thinking and planning for it has already made me more mindful of where our money goes. So grateful for this program and such a great teacher! We are so blessed to have access to this amazing information." ~Mary Duh 

"It's been not quite two months and I can already see a big difference in how I relate to my money by being more intentional with it and having actual separate accounts for it!" ~Ben-David Warner  

"Thank you Hans Johnson! I am much more focused and loving it and I am chipping away at the debt. Also, started on Personal Capital. Seeing everything in one place definitely improved my vision and resolve. Thank you again Hans and Cabe Johnson. TWF is a huge blessing!" ~Mahalia Smith 

"Thank you SO MUCH for making this calculator. I understand it's extremely complicated so thank you for investing so much into it!"  ~ Amy Lee  

"You guys are awesome and this info is changing my life daily for the better!! Thank you for all you do." ~Jennifer White    

"Good stuff! Thanks for continually pushing the onus on us to be competent. Really rare to have someone humble enough to do that."  ~Robin Menaar  

"Thank you so much Hans, really helpful. The "10-year projection" was key for me! Bless you for being so patient with us." ~Lorna Titus  

"Thank you for your work and teachings. Your Money Mindset philosophy is awesome. Really helps me re-evaluate how I view money!" ~Ramunas Micuta  

"Thank you for the training. I have gained so much from all the videos and calls. I am truly grateful. I have a vision for investing that I didn't have before. Thank you!" ~Christopher Warner  

"Hans, thanks for your work and teachings. Your Money Mindset philosophy is awesome. Really helps me re-evaluate how I view money." ~Ramunas Micuta  

"It's about time a real man and a leader would finally just reveal the truth. Here is a platform that a man through trial and era, is now clearly sharing his wisdom. I hope people see this as their chance to change the course of their family's legacy and destiny. A real financial solution that evolves in a way of true transparency, backed by a man who only shares what he is doing to secure his families future for generations to come. If you want success then follow in the footsteps of those that live that life and especially created an app to show you the way to that life."  ~Mixon  

"Thank you Hans for the willingness to teach us so we can change our families future for generations to come. If it weren't for this environment and teaching between Dani and yourself I would never learn how to change ALL areas of my life and generate TRUE multigenerational wealth!" ~Jennifer White  

"Hans Johnson is an amazing man, so brilliant and extremely down to earth. The information here should be in everyone's hands. He has broken down the material so that it's easy to learn. The tools he recommends has saved me a lot of time. His training and material are getting us to the next level. Get this app, review the free stuff, apply the teaching, sign up for his classes and start building wealth." ~Unknown User  

"In all seriousness, you have become the mentor I have been asking my higher power for. You really get my mind thinking in ways I would of not possibly come to close to. This has been excellent personal development for me. I'm forever thankful." ~ Jorge Lopez  

"I really enjoyed listening to your experience and wisdom at Creating a Dynasty in Latvia! I am so thankful for that! You and Dani are one of a kind human beings and I was really saddened that 3 days passed so fast." ~ Edgars Zoltners 

"Thanks for the fantastic opportunity in Latvia to learn directly from you! I would love to start to learn as much as possible and I'm very enthusiastic after you talk! Watched your videos here - good job. Simple and Powerful!"  ~ Andris Dekants  

"This app is really useful. From the content on investing to the articles on true wealth, whether it is to have fun, become more efficient, help others or even rise to the top, this app is sure to play a crucial role in your development. At the very least, I know it has improved how I manage and build my assets, how I handle risk and how I define true wealth."  ~Unknown User  

"Wow... awesome call, Hans. YOU GIVE THE BEST VALUE in your training... compared to anything I did before we started the calls!"  ~ Olga Cote  

"Thank you Hans for teaching me Risk Management! Just got out of my 1st position ever! What a great experience! Feels good to know I will not continue to lose money on a declining position!! No Panicking... just following ND 3! I said bye bye to the looser... it felt had been annoying me lately anyway... ha ha ha. Grateful for so many things! I am grateful for you and for all the wisdom you share and the passion you share it with!"  ~Madeline Zook 

"Hans Johnson is a hybrid of Dave Ramsey, Robert Kiyosaki, and Bruce Lee amplified to the ninth degree. If you follow the system it works. This curriculum is pure gold. Engage, follow directions, and live it up!"  ~ Unknown User 

"Man!!! what you created is a Goldmine... Congratulations! And thank you for the appreciated headache I'm having with all this awesomeness!! (I mean a real headache... I actually popped in 2 Advil...)"  ~Jean-Francois Gemme  

"Thank you so much Hans. I read your article - it was such a good reminder and helped me to be more aware of my blessings and what I'm grateful for. We're truly grateful for the time you sow into TWF, which has allowed us to have an incredible hope for the future."  ~Michael and Lorna Titus 

"Hi Hans, Last monthly call was exceptional! The format was excellent, easy to follow along and study later. Thank you!"  ~Michelle Phy  

"Thank you Hans! Heartfelt thanks here! You are a good man and friend! Father is working through you and on me. Don't think I myself could have done anything but screw things up!"  ~Tad Hillin   

"Hey Hans, I'm so grateful to have you in my life. I cannot explain that enough. You inspire me and have helped me through a really difficult season. I' starting to see some amazing fruit in our lives. I'm totally dumbfounded at the sprouts that are growing."  ~ Mike Gibson 

"Hans, thanks so much for last night. I'm going back to the drawing board to get this thing done right. I value you more than can be expressed and I celebrate who you are! I realized last night you think about things that have never even crossed my mind. So much of this stuff is still over my head, all I know is that TWF is forever a part of me and I will continue to commit myself to learn it from you."  ~Graham Eldred  

"Hans Johnson is a master in building wealth and creating businesses. I have not found a better app or program that is filled to the brim with content you can put into action immediately."  ~Uknown User  

"Hey Hans, I was thinking about the last coaching call. You taught me something so important that's not related to investing. Thank you SO MUCH for allowing me to ask you more questions. I realized you were asking me to challenge your 'system', to poke holes in it so you could refine what you're doing. Thank you for not getting offended, for being so open and humble, and sharing your thoughts. If someone challenged me with questions I probably would have my guard up or get offended, which is a weakness I have that I'm working on. You showed me how to handle questions/criticism/remarks from others from a point of understanding and learning, which means getting offended is not necessary at all. Thank you!!!!" ~ Amy Lee  

"I've started going through the system overview module. It dawned on me the importance of acquiring the skill set of mastering money management. Through TWF I have the opportunity to learn how to increase my income by investing as opposed to spending long hours at work chasing it. Thank you, Hans."  ~Michael London 

"This is the type of article that you need to have posted on a wall in your home. Hans has a very relatable view on life and his sense of humor helps deliver a very powerful message."  ~ Whitney Howard 

"I love the simplicity but comprehensive layout of this app. The creator has done a great job in making this an interactive app between himself and his clients. Already learning new things about wealth and I just started!" ~Uknown User  

"Thanks, Hans. I come from a background heavily forged by what you refer to here as 'the old physical economy'. I am used to working with my hands and holding my success in them. I also recognized that way of life was going to quickly become obsolete. I have completely transitioned out of everything I used to believe and know and began reforging my mind to mirror these 7 skills. I am grateful for all your guidance!" ~ Cody  

"Hans, Thank you for sharing with us your lifetime of discoveries on how to create wealth and making it simple so we can just follow instructions and duplicate what has taken you a lifetime of research and money. I'm grateful to have a mentor like you in my life."  ~ Jesus Puntos  

"Hans, The call on May 31, 2018, was beyond anything that I could have imagined. Thank you so much for offering this to us and for the commitment and passion that you put into it. This is an answer to my prayer. I have needed this knowledge for a long, long time. Thank you again, THANK YOU!"  ~ Mahalia D Smith  

"This app has given my husband and the tools we need to continue growing our cash flow assets. So user friendly... great content that truly has been studied and applied to be effective."  ~Uknown User  

"I just want to thank you for never quitting on us. The TWF message has never gotten stale! Over the last 10 years, ideas on investing and wealth have changed immensely and Hans Johnson's teachings have stayed relevant throughout."  ~ Brad Harmsworth  

"What an awesome call last night!!! Hans, I chickened out that first few times when the course was being offered however I'm so glad I signed up this time! Has already got me radically thinking about the way I see money and although 'I thought' I was good with money just goes to show how much I have to learn! I came with an open mind and have let go of what I thought I knew...time to make money my sleave and switch this game up!!!! Already started on the homework...which I would normally be procrastinating over...and looking forward to the next call to dig even deeper!! The question and answer sessions were incredible and well worth staying up past 4 am for!!!" ~ Harriet Ame  

"You were absolutely right at Creating a Dynasty when you said 'apply this TWF just one month and your bank account will look different'! I'm happy to say that for the first time I was able to take 40% of my income OFF the table o go to debt and my wealth account in addition to my 10% for Giving. It's amazing what you really need to live versus all the money we spend on consuming that we 'think we need'. Super excited about this accelerated debt payoff too! So wish I'd been doing this before. Thanks, Hans again for TWF! It's going to change everything!"  ~ Nina Shepherd  

"This app is AMAZING! It's super simple to use and the content is incredible. The content breaks down really complex topics in a way that the average person can understand and APPLY!"  ~Uknown User  

"I love the empowerment of it all! With financial advisers, I always felt at their mercy because I was just in over my head. Hans keep it real and teaches us to be empowered by knowledge and applying it! Thank you, Hans! Appreciate ya!" ~ Melodie Williams  

"I did this and Hans was right, taking that first step opened up a new world for me. I still don't know what I'm doing, and I'm learning, but it overcame analysis paralysis for me. He said that it would look different once you took that step and it does. It's still scary for me, but I keep making steps forward each month and have already started earning some dividends. Each step builds confidence that I can make the next step, etc."  ~ Kristi Sullivan Coopshaw 

"Have you been looking for an advisor in Finance that you can trust? Hans cuts out the bs, a real straight shooter. You have to take his True Wealth Formula Implementation Class, It's priceless." ~Unknown User  

"This app has been an amazing tool to build our assets! It's given us skills to increase our monthly cash flow and increase overall assets by 6 figures!"  ~Unknown User  

"I love this group and learn so much here! These teachings are in line with so many things I already know/believe, but learning ways to get beyond areas where we have been stuck for too long! It's definitely creating more conversation and dreaming again with the hubs!"  ~ Tina Holan 

"When we came to Dynasty last November, we had $500 in savings and had to put the whole event on our credit card, including the TWF Implementation Course. Since then, we have been implementing the TWF system and have paid off the credit card and saved $8,000 into our wealth account without a pay increase. Thank you so much for putting together such a great system." ~ David Ewing  

"I can't thank you enough for this course. I'm telling everyone about it. It's so practical, helpful, and easy to follow. Well done. Looking forward to the call tomorrow."  ~ Andrew Tvardzik 

"My Husband and I have been using this app and trainings that are offered through it for about one year and we are blown away by the quality of the information!!! It helped us more than what we expected with specific formulas how to set up your financial family legacy goals. Very simple and easy to apply tools and it's always in process of development and improvement. As soon as we applied what we are taught we got instant results. And slowly changing our mindset to build generational wealth vs being just rich. Also, Hans and his family have high standards and values to help people!! THANK YOU!!!" ~ Olga Minko 

"The BEST training out there to show you how to get your money working for you. A step-by-step program that is easy to understand and implement and that takes all of the guesswork out of it to save you time & keep you from learning things the hard way. AKA - The mistakes were made for us so that we only have to follow directions and start seeing RESULTS!!" ~ Jennifer Willburn 

"Highly recommended. makes sense of the financial world! Wish I knew this information earlier, glad I'm learning it now."  ~Unknown User  

"1st time taking Hans' TWF class, paid off $200,000 personal partnership debt, paid off $100,000 balance on mortgage, kept driving my 2006 Ford pick up 250,000 miles vs buying new depreciating truck. Bought $50,000 gold and stored out of US. Also bought $5000.00 silver for personal trade should bank account be frozen. Reviewed my will, trusts to better understand tax benefits and probate protections. Funded trust with $30,000 for my grandson in money market. Took advantage of tax break and expense write off by moving hunting lease from personal to business. Already actively loaning cash in short term loans into partnership for interest income. After my 2nd time taking Hans' TWF class, I realized balance sheet bloated with non cash flow assets, developed 3 year plan to start moving cash up to partners for investments. Developed 3 year succession plan to transition out of day to day operations and gradually reduce salary (earned income) as develop cash flow from investments (passive income). Currently turning for sale property into rental property with some of cash coming from balance sheet this year. Thank you Hans! You have been a real blessing to my life!" ~ Chris Arthur 

"Asked a 70 year old man here in Kansas what he does for investing. His response? "My financial planner takes care of all of that". Hans Johnson, thank you for teaching me the right way. Forever grateful. It's been only a few months and I've already nearly doubled my wealth account. I'm still finding my wings with this but am so thankful to have you as my mentor. I have a benchmark in mind to hit and as a reward will join the monthly coaching call. Blessings to you!" ~ Graham Eldred 

"Hans is genius, and the information he provides is invaluable. If you want to stay stuck on a rut, stuck in average, stuck in minimal results, then don't use this app. Otherwise, get it, get results, and get busy!" ~Uknown User  

"Dear Hans Johnson, thank you so much for making TWF available and so affordable. My journey to FSTS, Dynasty and your TWF classes has been so hard but worth it. It has been like going through an emotional meat grinder trying to find the truth. Because I threw my ego out the door and showed up at Dynasty to learn something, my family has been blessed in so many ways. Thank you so much for loving on my family and creating an environment where people love on each other. Jesus came to seek and save the lost and I see His heart in you. When you offered the TWF classes I knew I needed to take a leap of faith and join the community of true wealth builders. I personally have a lot of growth to do in the area of finances. I lack in knowledge and skill in the area of money management. For me your first class was worth thousands of dollars. Teaching us to pursue cash flow assets instead of wasting our families wealth on consumerism or depreciating assets was life changing for me. Also, how you give your time and knowledge so freely means a lot. The world is full of people that need the message of hope you share. They are living in the same mess I have lived in and need a helping hand. My goal is to become financially free so first of all I can be an example to my kids of what a good steward looks like and also so I can be free to travel where ever He leads me, so that I can share the hope that is within me. Thank you again for teaching a much needed lesson on the right way to manage money." ~ Josh Puccio 

 "Since the TWF course, I have been making some huge strides. I am in the process of transferring my mutual funds over to another investment option. I have a deep seated burning desire to help others who are so lost, particularly in the Spanish-speaking market, our home in Puerto Rico, and what you're teaching goes along the line on what's in my heart. Thank you Hans! There's so much to digest and I'll continue going over the calls and materials." ~ Carolina Zhen 

"Beautiful, intuitive design, and friggin awesome content in this app. I've barely scratched the surface of all that's available and can't wait to keep learning. $6,000 away from goal #1 - Thank you, Hans!" ~Unknown User   

"Hans, I appreciate everything you do and the wisdom you share with us... it's invaluable and I'm putting it to use. Even though I started late in life, it's never too late to start!" ~ Paul E Miller 

"Thank you so so much Hans Johnson, I have gone through your teachings and get that they are very encouraging and can take a person from dust to the higher level! I am running an orphanage that has more than 380 orphan children and I would like to learn more from you people that has succeeded so that we can also make good plans for the future of these orphans and for our family. I would like to visit you in one of your seminars so that I can learn more from you and hear the testimonies from the members face by face! hope this will encourage me more! You know if the head is good all the containers are safe, I know after attending one of your business seminar I will will not remain the same, in fact I will become one of the teachers encouraging other people what to do. Blessings to all!" ~ Tim Kingoro 

"Thank you! The session today was awesome! So wish I had something like this 10 years ago, would have absolutely been in a different place. Never late, however!" ~ Jacob Joel 

"I can't get enough of it. This app is changing the way I run my business and my finances."  ~Unkown User  

"Thank you so much for this app and the class! It is very very timely. My husband and I are new to TWF and have been feverishly going through the videos and the 1st call. Everything is really easy to digest and understand! I highly, highly recommend this course to everyone!" ~ Amy Lee 

"I'm sitting down and focusing on my TWF homework this afternoon... thinking on everything that changed in me through the last TWF course and the years since, and now the beginnings of a new epoch in my life and in our home with this new course. Every part of my journey with Destiny Global has begun with being accepted by people who have no reason to... and with the encouragement to dream. This class is the same. You invite us and accept us into your world... and then show us we can dream... and then show us how to make those dreams real. This implementation class is equipping us to succeed. It is a safe, welcoming place. It is direct and to the point. It is useful information for this time in our lives. Thank you so much for caring about us enough to come back!" ~ Brad Harmsworth 

"The only business, finance, wealth, and mindset app you will ever need!!"  ~ Unknown User  
 "Thanks Hans; this is exactly what I Needed" ~ Dave & Carla Abrams 

"Loved the first class. Your sincerity and straightforward approach is refreshing. The "take ownership" message you're spreading is so important for people to hear. I hope and pray that this is the type of information spread around the globe. It's certainly going to be echoed in my household and community. In the words of Jobs, "let's put a dent in the universe"!" ~ Shaun Schneider 

"It's hard for me to put into words how much your true wealth formula system in addition to Dani's nuclear coaching classes that we also took several years ago about the same time as I did your true wealth formula classes the last time that you did them. We have paid off over $450,000 of debt a lot of it was business debt but also a lot of personal debt!! :-) thanks to you and thanks to the God we serve I still battle with all the different checking accounts how you said to set them up but we are on the right track, I believe! My wife and I have accumulated over $200,000 in assets and investments since we started applying the nuclear coaching from your wife!!! and also since I did the true wealth formula back in 2013 I believe it was." ~ Glenn Beechy 

"Very good App! Great Wealth Info & Insights. Solid advice with no BS. 5 Stars."  ~Nick Falcone  

"Hans's TWF Coaching gave us the tools and knowledge to finally make a huge financial difference in our lives. In just 6 short months, we have cut our nasty debt in half and have DOUBLED OUR INCOME!!! What so insanely powerful about the Wealth Builder is that we are learning the spiritual laws of wealth. We're breaking the ugly, generational strongholds of being broke, and shifting financial significance into our family's favor. Wow! Super stoked!!! Thanks Hans!" ~ Josh Johnson 

"Hey Hans, just wanted to let you know that my team and I are studying your model because we are considering adopting it in our firm. I have been to about 15 events with Dani and heard you speak a few times. I also helped Brad Harmsworth move to ATL and is a close friend and neighbor of mine. He has edified you like crazy and I am here in part because of what he has shared with me. As a fiduciary in the financial services industry for almost 20 years, what you teach is far and away different from what I studied (BBA in Finance) and what I was trained in at Morgan Stanley in 2000. I want to set my clients up for great results and not be another 98% financial advisor." ~ Chris Stallings 

"LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR Creating a DYNASTY segments! Your efforts in increasing your skill, your humility in sharing your mistakes and challenges, and your sharing valuable information, teaching, and help getting started are beginning to show fruit! If we did not have TWF(Hans) and Destiny Global(Dani), we would have been 2 more sad causalities sucked into death of dreams, death of our marriage and worse of all, death spilled into the next generation for who knows how long! We saved thousands combing through the sheet on ways to save money! Using the 70-10-10-10 we automated giving and taking money off the table! We have paid off $332,000 and can see the light at the end of the tunnel! We listened as a family to TWF classes! We have hope for us and our children and we will leave a legacy! What you are doing is glorious!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!" ~ Diane McCracken 

"For years in business school, I was an accounting major. Then I reached International Corporate Accounting Part 2, and that stuff is such a mess that I swore I would never take another accounting class again, and I didn't. But, I've had the belief since then that I suck at accounting and don't understand any of it. I've been afraid of any calculation, statement, or ANYTHING accounting related. FEAR NOT. Thank you. I think you're starting to break down that belief, that barrier. Maybe those years of study will suddenly creep out from under a rock or something and it will even feel familiar. I appreciate your efforts and wanted you to know this session followed the nasty fruit to a powerful root. Thank you." ~ Mercedes Dauphinais 

"Honestly, this is the first time EVER (age 45, happily married 21 years, 4 kiddos) that I am FIRED up to learn once and for all these concepts as well as take action. Thank you for explaining and keeping all simple. This is going to take our family, legacy and financial stewardship to the next level." ~ Amy Dudley 
 "Hans, I'm so grateful to have you in my life I cannot explain that enough. You inspire me and have helped me through a really difficult season in my life. I'm starting to see some amazing fruit in our lives. I'm totally dumbfounded at the sprouts that are growing. April will allow us to re-calculate our numbers but we are almost positive we are living off less then 50% of our job income. So we are going to re adjust our ratios to 10% for the giving, 20% wealth, 10% debt and 10% travel. Now we have 2 rentals, some money in peer 2peer lending and my crypto adventures. We have 2 PCs running and now 2 different cloud contracts. I was looking at it and I think it's funny. I have taken what you taught me to heart so far that we have been using our speculation money to buy cash flowing speculations, lol." ~ Mike Gibson 
 "Extremely informative app, I've never seen one even close, an eye opener for sure."  ~Paul Naclerio  

"Very good App! Great Wealth info & insights. Solid advice with no BS. 5 Stars."  ~Nick Falcone  

"Great tools for financial growth. Simple and easy to use. I totally recommend the True Wealth Formula Course!"  ~Melanie Ford  

"Over the TOP SOLUTIONS! Driving across the country and I easily access my info with a couple of clicks. Beats massive clunky laptop on my front seat. Building wealth is no longer just for those born into wealth. Han's Johnson gives every step in a simple format for making money work for you. Love this! Excited to report 6 months from now."  ~Unknown User  

"Just what I needed! The TWF course is just what I was looking for to maintain a debt-free lifestyle while growing my wealth in the right ways for the season I am in. The skills I am learning will not only benefit myself, but my family for generations to come."  ~Mikki Kline  

"Wealth Builder, an awesome app that helps you connect into great educational information and tools. Empowering you towards wealth building and an asset-generating lifestyle. I recommend this app to everyone. " ~Unknown User  

"The app itself is the window to the collective wisdom of some of the truly wealthiest people in the world! Empty your cup and cone ready to learn!"  ~ Matthew Kline  

"Extremely user-friendly and loaded with useful content!"  ~Butch McCracken