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  • It works for anyone regardless of current income, education, age or any other factor
  • It has been used to rescue families from the pit of financial ruin and despair
  • It has been used to build multi-generational legacies and change lives

To be clear, the wealth formula that I’m speaking of isn’t some “positive thinking” or motivational program (we’ve all seen enough of those).

No, believe it or not, the formula is actually a proven repeatable mathematical algorithm that’s simple enough for anyone to use, even teenagers.

Thanks to Federal Reserve policy, disruptive technology and demographic mega-trends, “Inequality” or the gap between the elite and the masses is increasing at a rapid pace.

And it's only going to continue to get worse.

The next 10 years could be the last window for the average person to break free into wealth velocity mode.

I Know It Sounds Crazy, Believe Me.

Look, I know there is a ton of bs all over the internet, social media and the news.

Everywhere you look you see “click bait” headlines and advertisements promising the world while delivering an empty sugar high.

Like a glazed donut, these get rich quick schemes and gimmicks give you a good dopamine “buzz” but they always leave you wanting… and needing more.

One thing you’re going to learn about me is I don’t like hype and bs.

And to prove it to you I’m literally going to GIVE you “the system” right here on this page.

So you might want to print this out, read it very carefully, study it closely. Because I used this wealth formula to go from growing up in poverty to millions. 

We Live In A System That Feeds On Our Ignorance

The worst part about it is that you've been misled and lied to. Not just by overhyped advertisers but by the media and establishment elite itself.

The system has taught you your whole life the key to creating wealth is:

  • Get a good education
  • Work hard
  • Know the right people
  • Model success
  • Get lucky
  • Or worse, take advantage of others

Now this may come as a shock to hear but none of the above is true when it comes to mathematically guaranteeing you financial freedom.

If you doubt this, just ask yourself, have you ever known someone who had a good education, worked hard, knew the right people but still lived paycheck to paycheck? Of course you do.

The stats overwhelmingly show this to be true. 

Born Into A System Of Debt Slavery

Now the worst part is, this system has been designed to make you (and me) debt slaves.

You see our global economy is a debt based economy. This has been the case since 1971 when Nixon took the USD off the gold standard, virtually eliminating any hard stop to escalating the national debt. You can see the results from the following chart. 

Now the chart only shows up to 2012 and unfortunately it's only gotten MUCH worse since that time period. Keep in mind this is just total US debt. Total global debt is much much worse.

Here’s the main point you need to understand.

In order for the global economy to continue growing, it has to be fueled by ever increasing spending by the “consumer”, by governments (ie; the consumer or “tax payer”) and by corporations (who ultimately pass on ALL costs to the “consumer”).

This is why, in a strange paradox contrary to common sense, financial markets “rally” when new deficit spending, quantitative easing or “stimulus” programs are announced by central banks and governments.

This global system relies on low interest rate debt as fuel, backed by hard core brainwashing and programming since we were very young, to reinforce a single message deep down in our subconscious...

“You Are Not Enough. You Need To Buy X To Make You Whole.”

It's a very simple message really, “how dare you be happy or beautiful without first buying this and looking like that. How dare you discover happiness without first obtaining it in our standardized manner.”

The problem is, there is no end to it.

This same system says that to be successful in life, you have to look better, drive better, live better, eat better, do more, be more.

In other words, it's engineered and optimized to literally feed off our innate need for significance, status and validation.

This isn’t communicated overtly or openly. It's very subtle and covert messaging that taps deep into human nature.

On any given day, you’re exposed to over 10,000 marketing messages programming you to spend, consume and go into debt.

As a “consumer” and debt slave, you’re given a number called a “credit score” to indicate your status in the debt matrix, encouraging you to improve your number by being a good consumer and customer of the banks, using debt to increase your value to their system.

And you’re penalized with a lower score and charged a surcharge for not participating.

Now I’m not advocating not paying your bills on time (quite the opposite actually).

You know this system is all about debt because the number one metric used by modern financial advisors and banks in financial decisions is “can I afford the payments”.

Again this is debt slavery.

Most people increase their debt as their income increases, why is this? Because once you get hooked on immediate gratification, like an addictive drug, you’re there for life.

Now if you’re one of the elites, you love this system because it makes you very very rich.

While the masses year after year go deeper and deeper into debt to fill an endless hole of status based consumption the elites are laughing because they know the real secret to wealth and freedom.

The sad part is, we have access to more and more products and services, choices and options due to “globalism”, but according to recent studies, people are more miserable than ever before.

We have more, but we aren’t more. And the current debt based global system with its extended supply chains is very fragile. 

Groomed To Gamble And Speculate

Now suppose you break free from a “level 1” debt slave (having good enough credit score to use credit cards, get a home mortgage, car loan, etc).

You’re financially responsible. Now you’re holding down a steady high paying job or own a successful small business. You’re driving a nice car, you live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood.

You have all the boxes checked.

  • Good education - check
  • Good job (or business) - check
  • Nice house in nice neighborhood - check
  • 401k or other retirement account(s) - check

You’re doing everything “right”. You’re getting advice on how to manage and invest your money. You read the books, the articles, newsletters and other “experts”.

You hear a great stock tip, or hear about someone killing it doing real estate flips, you’re doing a little of this, a little of that. The market is rising, everything looks and feels good.

The whole time you don’t realize you’re still in the debt matrix, you’re just now a level 2 debt slave. You’ve been guided by well meaning financial experts to follow a certain path.

This path is not investing, it's speculating.

It's not what the truly wealthy and elite do. It's what they’ve programmed the masses to do as the path of “success”. But it continues to feed their pockets via transaction fees, commissions, and other “service” fees.

Remember this truth. Every market booms and busts. The Corona Crash of 2020. The Global Financial Crisis of 2008. The “Dot Com” bust and many before that.

And we know the next big one is coming. It's just a matter of time.

Why is it that the elites never seem to get wiped out during these events but the masses always do?

There’s a reason for it. They follow a different system.

They understand the difference between assets and liabilities. They know the difference between investments and speculations. And they have insider knowledge.

99% of the financial advice you hear and see is not investing. It's gambling and speculating designed to keep you dependent on an advisor in risky markets that boom and bust.

“Not my advisor, he’s got a good track record.” Are you sure?

How many times have they been wrong vs right?

Do you know you can be right 9 times and it just takes 1 big mistake to have a total wipe out?

What if you’re reaching “retirement” age and the market enters crash mode?

What if your advisor forgets to call or mis-advises you on next steps and everything you’ve worked hard for your entire life is wiped out or you have to delay retirement by 10 or 20 years?

This isn’t a joke. It's happened before to millions of people.

This level 2 debt slave is all about keeping you dependent on advisors, training you to seek out experts to answer your endless questions and steering you into speculative risky financial products.

If you ask me, it’s a crime that we’re not taught in school how to properly manage and invest our own money. Money represents your stored life force energy and your families access to resources.

Do you really want to rely and depend on someone else to tell you what to do with your hard earned money?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have competent advisors that you trust.

What I am saying is that you should be in control of your money and investments and you should know what really creates wealth, financial security, independence and freedom. 

How I Beat The System And Became Free

It took me years to figure this out. And once I did, I cracked the code.

The good news is, once you see it, you can never unsee it.

What if you could flip the entire system upside down and in your favor? What if you could forever change the course of your destiny, or even more importantly your entire family’s destiny and bloodline?

What is it that the elites know that us “common” people don’t? What is the information being kept from us? Why are we literally addicted to the never ending cycle of consumerism, overspending and debt?

How can we work hard our entire lives and still barely get by? Even at higher education or income levels, people are struggling. In fact, a recent survey suggested that 1 out of every 3 American’s runs out of money between paychecks, even for those earning over $100k year!

These questions and more drove me over a period of 2 decades on a search for a fail-proof formula. Something that wasn’t dependent on an individual person or economy, but something that was literally based on math and the science of building wealth.

My Name Is Hans Johnson

Today I’m a successful entrepreneur and investor. But this wasn’t always the case.

You see I didn't live a privileged life. I grew up in poverty on the streets in Hawaii. We were poor, very poor. I started my first "business" at age 8, selling flower necklaces (leis in Hawaiian) to tourists, to buy school clothes, food, etc. It wasn't stable at all. We moved every few months.

I didn’t have a good education, I barely survived and graduated high school. But one thing I did have was a deep desire for freedom.

By the age of 12, I thought, “this sucks. I want a family someday and don’t want them to grow up like I am. I'll be financially independent.”

Like I said, I did anything to make money (ie; survive) from selling flowered necklaces to mowing lawns to wrapping Thai sticks for my friends mom’s marijuana business (no joke she recruited us) to working at Pizza Hut to working at the local dive shop to eventually becoming the youngest commercial diver for an aquaculture farm and offshore deployment company.

By 18, I was back in business for myself again and from that point forward I never worked for someone else again. It wasn’t always easy, but over time I worked hard and eventually became co-founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar internet based education company. My partner and I have given away millions to widows, orphans, elderly and the abused of society.

We’ve also traveled and experienced the best of this amazing beautiful world. Below are some pics of villas we’ve owned in Texas Hill Country and Bora Bora as well as trips to iconic Iceland and Antarctica.

A Live Changing Lesson

Along the way, I put a lot of trust into people. You know, the "experts". People much smarter than I. Attorneys, CPAs, older business men with more experience than I. And I learned a lot.

One lesson that hit me like a ton of bricks. No one will do for you what you aren't willing to do for yourself.

Like I said, we were making lots of money, but something was still missing.

You see, there are 3 very distinct and different skills sets when it comes to money:

  • How to make money
  • How to keep money
  • How to make money grow (how to make it your slave)

Number 1 above is what 99% of people focus on. But once you have money then the real challenges begin.

We’ll talk more about that later. But just know there is a very big difference between making money and making it work for you. They require very different skill sets and temperaments.

The #1 Secret To Wealth

So I thought back to my childhood dream of “freedom” and remembered something I had learned from a mentor who was a multi-millionaire. His influence on my life was pure providence.

He had given me a secret to wealth that he had learned from his dad and used to create a personal fortune. I was very young, only a teenager the first time he gave it to me.

And I want to share that wealth secret with you now.

Now keep in mind, this is only the beginning of the “formula” but it sets the stage for what I’m going to reveal to you and how you can literally turn it into automated cash.

Are you ready?

Here’s what he told me, it’s the secret to wealth. He said:

  • The #1 key to wealth is to get your money working for you instead of you working for you money.

(later he gave me a 2nd secret, where to put that money for maximum “sleep at night” returns.) 

2 Very Important Questions

Well what I didn’t realize was that the secret, while simple and profound, was actually a riddle that had to be solved.

I had 2 questions:

  1. How do I make the money?
  2. And how do I get it working for me?

Because of our business success I had "gotten the money" but I had absolutely no idea how to "get it working for me".

This is because of a simple truth and something I stated above, the skills to make money are the completely opposite skills to keep and make it grow.

The scary reality is, if you're a successful business owner, entrepreneur or high performance employee, the very assets and skills that got you there will often get you killed when it comes to managing money and investing.

The Solution?

So what's the solution?

That question haunted me, like a bad dream. There had to be a better way?

It can't be so complicated that I have to trust "the system" and the "experts" to do it for me?

For me this took on a serious issue. I had gone through literally every possible terrible experience you can think of. Fraud, embezzlement, theft. But in the end, no one is responsible but me. That is a bitter pill to swallow, but it's the doorway to freedom because it empowers us to take responsibility and find solutions.

I've been on this journey now for more than 2 decades. And I've discovered a few common denominators (that I'll share below) when it comes to money management and wealth.

The Wealthy Don't Manage Money The Way We Do

The elites were taught, or groomed for mastery and success whereas we were "programmed" for dependency and slavery.

Again, these are simple questions. Good sounding “success” principles that sounded so easy to “know” in the head but not so easy to execute and do!

You might even have heard “wealth” secrets like this before. Maybe you've read all the books. Gone to the seminars. Listened to the podcasts.

But you're still not experiencing total financial competence and freedom?

I'm talking about completely dominating the money game, forever.

Well I was sick of it.

Sick of all the mis-information, the “success” teachings that kept delivering the donut sugar high but weren’t actually building true wealth.

Later I realized something very important... 

More Information Wasn’t Helping It Was Only Creating More Confusion

There are reasons for this dilemma.

There are several barriers. Some we’ve already discussed above.

  1. Number #1 is your mind. You see as previously stated, you have been programmed to be a debt slave. Don't worry, you're not alone. We all have. From the time we're old enough to walk, talk and engage with the world, we've been conditioned (since birth actually) that we're not good enough and that we need more and more to make us feel good and worthy. In other words, we are marketed to and conditioned to consume or "be a good consumer". After all its a patriotic duty right?
  2. Number #2 is society at large. They're going to pressure you into conforming to norms. To "keeping up with the jones".
  3. Number #3 is our education system. It doesn't teach what the wealthy know about money, investing and success. It teaches mediocrity, dependency and to seek security instead of opportunity.
  4. Number #4 is the elites themselves. They have a vested interest in keeping this information to themselves. You see it everywhere, the over complication of finances, money principles, investing, financial planning, financial products. You literally can't make your own decisions about money because the system is so damn complicated, you have to ask some "expert" first what to do with your money.

As I mentioned earlier, I think this is a crime against humanity.

You work your entire life to be responsible, save, invest, to manage and invest your money, and you have to rely on someone else who gets paid fees, commissions to tell you what to do. It's ridiculous.

I'm sick of it. Literally disgusted.

So I’m blowing the lid off this system and revealing how true wealth is really created, multiplied and protected.

There Are 2 Kinds Of Money

But first, there’s something VERY important I want to unravel about our #1 key to wealth statement.

Within the statement (or the riddle as I call it) if you are paying close attention you’ll notice there are two kinds of money or income spoken of.

“The #1 key to wealth is… get your money working for you... instead of you working for you money.”

  1. First, there is the kind of money that you work for. We call this “earned” income (because it’s money you earn or work for).
  2. Second, there is the kind of money that works for you. We call this “unearned” income (because you are not working for it, it is working for you 24/7).

This is a VERY important distinction.

First, most tax codes make the same distinction, where “unearned” income is treated more favorably than “earned” income (sometimes unearned income is called passive, investment or portfolio income).

It really is true, the rich or elites have lobbied governments to write laws in their favor, stacking the odds for them and against the middle class and poor.

Personal labor was never supposed to be taxed and originally it never was until the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 (Guess who lobbied and wrote this legislation? Hint: it wasn’t the working class or small business owners).

The wealthy control the capital and means of production, get taxed less while the masses go to school, get a good education, use debt to fuel over consumption and someday hope to have enough money to retire and hope to not run out of money before dying… all while being taxed more than the elites.

Does This Sound Like A Fair System?

Does it sound like you should keep doing the same thing you’ve always done hoping for a different result or does it sound like you need to learn new rules and start playing a new game?

The answer should be obvious but where do you go? How do you learn these new rules and new system? How do you trust all the information out there, literally thousands of books, articles, newsletters, seminars, classes all pitching something. How do you know it's the right path?

The second and important distinction, and this is critical because it draws a very clear line we need to understand and internalize, is a master/slave relationship.

Here’s an inconvenient fact.

Either you will be a slave to money or it will be your slave.

There is no in between or middle ground.

This is what was meant when said: “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”

Now most people take that as purely a religious statement and I won’t argue with that BUT to dismiss the overwhelming contextual references to money in the ancient writings and not perceive the correlation in the message here would be a tragedy.

I’ll state it again for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear to catch this eternal truth.

When it comes to how we manage and interact with our money, how we make decisions, how we spend and invest, either we are its master or it is ours. There is no in between.

So as part of our secret to wealth and formula we have the concept of earned income (money we work for) and unearned income (money that works for us).

Let's Continue Unraveling Our Wealth Secret

But first let's define what wealth (or what I call true wealth) really is.

One. It is not just money. Money comes and goes, like water, you can only hold so much in your hand at a time. There are reasons for this but for now let's continue.

There are 2 parts to “true” wealth. Internal (or intangible), and external (or tangible).

The internal or intangibles, which I feel are the most important include (but not limited to):

  1. Relationships or emotional strength
  2. Health or physical strength
  3. Spiritual strength

The external or tangibles include (but not limited to):

  1. Money
  2. Assets
  3. Resources

One might argue these are all the same but actually there are some distinct differences.

What I Want To Do Right Now Is Get Directly Into The Formula And Secret To Creating Wealth

Keep in mind this pattern emerged after years of personal trial and error and careful observation of the world’s most successful investors and traders as well as people I know personally who are multi-millionaires.

Here's what I found.

The wealthy live by a different set of rules than the rest of us when it comes to success, wealth and “investing”.

It's almost as if there are 2 different systems in place. 1 for the masses (the path to debt slavery) and another for the elites (the path to wealth and freedom).

For example, let's take the modern concept of retirement planning.

You’ll notice that not a single “retirement” calculator shows options for cash flow assets. They are all based on a concept called Modern Portfolio Theory which essentially is based on “live off capital then die” model (pray you don’t run out of money).

The Decoded Pattern Of Truth Among The World's Top Wealth Builders

I’ll explain this more later but for now I’ve identified 3 very specific patterns among the wealthy and elite that distinguish them from the masses or debt slaves.

Here are the rules (or patterns):

  1. #1 pattern of the wealthy: BUILD a base of CASH FLOW ASSETS, then live off the interest/dividends/rents/royalties/profits while the value of the underlying asset continues to grow (we use some unique strategies to accelerate this into hyperdrive but I’ll continue).

  2. #2 pattern of wealthy: USE non-discretionary RULES BASED SYSTEMS to manage money, invest and make decisions. This acts as a powerful counter weight to human nature and hidden biases (there are over 180 of them) which cause the majority of people to under perform the markets.

  3. #3 pattern of the wealthy, LEARN TO SPECULATE. The wealthy speculate successfully precisely BECAUSE they have cash flow assets. ie; they don’t need the money. This is in stark contrast to the masses who over-consume (via debt) and over-speculate (via risky and mis-timed buy/hold “investments”).
And the most important rule of wealthy, YOU are your most VALUABLE ASSET. Invest in yourself first, increase your EARNED income, convert it into UNEARNED income. When you “retire”, your assets will continue to INCREASE in value while you live off a PORTION of the cash flow. EXACT OPPOSITE of the “Modern Portfolio Theory” bs that is peddled to the masses by mainstream establishment “experts”.

The wealthy have 3 common traits when it comes to money.

  1. They build a base of cash flow assets
  2. They use non discretionary rules based systems
  3. They speculate strategically

Now we’re getting much closer to the real answer and solution!

Let's Review!

So we have the #1 key to wealth statement, which is the initial “seed” concept and riddle of truth to unwind and discover.

We have the 3 rules which give us a “pattern” of truth of wealth creation among the wealthy and elites, something in very dark contrast to what the programmed masses receive. This can be viewed as a master strategy to our “true wealth” formula.

Now what we need is a literal “formula” and tactics that we can adopt personally and execute that will guarantee our results.

The formula needs to take into account:

  1. Our own human nature (counteract the mind’s self sabotaging mechanisms)
  2. Our own personal beliefs and values (what’s most important to us)
  3. How to start the process (no matter where we are currently in life)
  4. How to rewire and remap our existing programming and default “debt slave” messages
  5. How to start the process of converting our earned income into unearned income

You must extract yourself from over consumption by all means necessary. Know and understand this law, wealth is created through production not consumption.

Learn and understand the difference between earned income and unearned income. And implement a strategy to start converting earned income into unearned income, put it on autopilot monthly.

Restructure your balance sheet for cash flow. This means understanding the difference between good and bad debt and completely eliminating all debt.

Learn and understand the difference between speculations and investments, focus on 80% of your wealth building on high quality low risk investments. We can help you get started on this path.

How To Get Started Today

We have a very simple yet proprietary system that literally puts you on the path to automated money management and wealth creation.

  1. Imagine getting richer and richer EVERY single month, on AUTOPILOT.
  2. Imagine no longer being a DEBT SLAVE.
  3. Imagine no longer being DEPENDENT on some "expert" to tell you what to do with YOUR MONEY?
  4. This isn't theory or a list of "tips".
  5. And it's also not investment advice.
  6. It's literally a MATHEMATICAL FORMULA that, if you follow, it will 100% produce results.
  7. It was born from experience and has been stress tested.
  8. We have literally 1000's of clients who are using it to master the money game.

But it is not for everyone.

I decided long ago I had zero interest in short term transactional relationships, "giving the fish" or just creating more dependency in our society.

I am looking for those who want to be FREE from mind slavery and financial bondage.

I am not looking for those who are not willing to pay the price for that FREEDOM.

There is a specific process we take our clients through. We identify key metrics or numbers. One of them is your Freedom Number, the exact number you need to hit to become financially independent. Then we map out an exact step by step path how to hit this number, how to generate unearned income (money working for you) to hit this number. Once you hit it, you know you never have to work “for money” again. This is just the starting point of our system, but it's extremely empowering!

When was the last time you made an investment into yourself that literally paid compounding dividends forever?

If there was a proven method, a system to literally turn money into your slave what would that be worth?

I'm talking about strategies only the most elite know and understand, hidden knowledge that's been kept from the masses in order to keep their pyramid of debt and consumption alive at you and your family's expense.

What if there was a way to flip the script to hyper accelerate your financial freedom and what if it could happen MUCH faster than you've been told or believe?

What if everything you've been told, thought and programmed to believe about money was wrong?

The elite 1% know something the 99% don't know. Worse, unless you were fortunate to be raised in the right family, not only were you not exposed to this information, you were literally programmed into a debt based system of slavery, destined to never realize true freedom financially, or otherwise.

You have a chance right now to change your future and your family legacy forever.

I hope you will join us!